Thursday, October 25, 2012

tell me, do you do this ?????? all kinds of sewing snippets, pieces of fabric.....things you can not bear to throw away..........when I buy fabric that I really love, I use to have a hard time even taking the scissors to it.....well I have progressed, how else can I complete a project?????? now I save the selvage edge, where the name of the fabric designer and maker are located..........isn't it funny what little things bring a smile to a crafter's face..........I also collect, pin cushions, thimbles, tape measures, scissors, buttons, sock darners, rug hooking tools, and the list goes on.........thanks mom, for the talents I inherited from you and all the wonderful things you taught me........till next time....remember me, Linda


  1. I too save the many bits and pieces from my life of selvages yet...small snippets of wool from rug hooking to fill pincushions...makes me smile to "use it all up"...

    Every grateful of the love of needle and thread passed from my maternal gradmother to mother and to me...the very best inheritance of all...

  2. Hi Linda......I`m guilty of the same snippet crime......drawers stuffed with maybe I can use this or that treasures......Love the blues in your sweet prim picture......Enjoy the weekend.....Blessings Francine.

  3. I collect everything but not selvage edge - yet!
    I have baskets and boxes full of odds and ends of wool and fabric, that I just cannot bear to throw away because I know that if I do then I will need them.
    Buttons, tomato pincushions, old spools are some of my favorites to collect!

  4. I collect the same things you do! I also keep all fabric/wool scraps/snippets (or I turn them into snippets) and I use them for stuffing pincushions along with sawdust. I did see a huge tassel in a quilt store once and asked if it was for sale - lots of muted colors and they told me it was made of selvages they kept!!! It looked really neat.
    Love your blog!

  5. Yes, I keep everything--collect anything that has to do with sewing. . .I've tried to cut down, but like you said, it brings a smile to my face. . .
    Visit me sometime at The Country Farm Home!
    Blessings from the Farm. . .