Monday, October 1, 2012

my plate is full & Thank You !!!!

.....first of all, I want to thank Karen from for being one of her 3 winners, on her "name your blog" contest.....thanks so much !!!!!

......I also wanted to share with you my plate full of buttons, I went to a yard sale on Saturday and bought several ironstone dishes and was getting ready to leave......but, decided to take a quick look at another table, and there was these 3 strands of white buttons, I quickly grabbed them, knowing you can't never have too many buttons..........and they were priced right.........I counted one of the shortest strands, 325 buttons!!!! now, I am pondering what to do with them....obviously someone took their time to string them all up with heavy white string/thread, and put a cafe ring on each end.......I can just picture a woman who loves to sew doing this.......I love to touch and look at them, the different shades of white are just beautiful..........any thoughts ???? till next time, remember me, Linda


  1. congrats on being one of the winners! and you're definitely a winner for finding those beautiful button strands....I remember stringing buttons when I was a child...perhaps these are just that? some little girl long ago, on a rainy day, busying herself in her gramma's button box....memories in those button!!!
    Blessed be,

  2. Like you said, you can never have too many buttons! Grandmother let me string buttons out of her button tin, too--but I put all colors and kinds together. I haven't thought of those in years. I wonder what she did with them. . .I like them displayed in the plate--maybe with a piece or two of the ironstone you bought?
    Have a great day!